A bit about me!

Hey guys, it’s me again! I figured this website out and will try to post every single day! I can’t tell you somethings because of privacy reasons but I will share 10 random facts about me:

  1. I have been doing dance since I was 2 years old
  2. My favorite food is potato salad
  3. My favorite color is that one mix between blue and green but I forgot what it is called
  4. I used to play the piano but it was too much practice so I quit
  5. I am addicted to reading books like The Hunger Games, If i stay and The fault in our stars
  6. I am really clumsy
  7. I am terrible at most sports, most people say I can’t even catch a ball properly
  8. I love to do art even though I am not very good at it
  9. I have a chocolate Labrador
  10. My friends are amazing and are so supportive and pick me up when I fall over (which happens a lot)!


Well that’s enough about me, but what about you? Tell me three facts about yourself (but not personal) in the comments! I will be posting a lot so make sure you subscribe!


– Internet Girl


My First Blog Post

Hey guys! Welcome to my first ever blog! I have never done much of this kind of thing ever but I have had a diary. But that was boring because no one will be actually able to read it but it was boring anyway. My diary entries were the stupidest. They said:

Hey Diary,

Everyone at my school hates me and I am annoyed coz I did nothing wrong at all! Well I have homework so…

See ya later Diary!

Yeah, I am actually not joking but that was last year, I am at a brand new school now so I can forgive and forget shall I? I have been living a very fun interesting life with lots of drama and you will find out some of the stories to come! I can’t wait until I start writing all these amazing posts and you guys can read them! This blog will be anoymous, because I do not want bad problems to happen! My next post will be about things you will need to know about me! I need to try and figure out how this blog works now and how to publish it so, see you guys soon!

– InternetGirl