Give feedback please!

Hey – it’s me again! Sorry about the lack of posts (or too much) but anyway let’s get into this! Firstly, I want to give a shoutout to my friend and now to reveal her blog name…

Living Life Online! Go check out her blog! Click on the first one that comes up!

Ok now I want to ask you guys something. I had a post scheduled and it didn’t post or I didn’t see it. It was called MY ULTIMATE PLAYLIST!!! Can you tell me if you have seen it? I am obviously new to this so… YEAH!!!

Can you guys give me feedback on my blog? Actually be honest and don’t make up stuff. Tell me what I should do more and what I should do less. And if you see this and read this, please don’t leave it, look at my blog and give me feedback! I am kind of struggling with ideas on what to post so if you guys give me some ideas, I’d love that too!

Thank you guys so much ❤


Dance Life

Hey guys, it’s Internet Girl, back again! Sorry that I couldn’t post yesterday, I was somewhere exciting! At my sister’s dance comp! I wasn’t competing in this comp but I wanted to watch my sister do her hip hop troupe, it was good that I came coz guess what? They won! They were absolutely amazing! I am actually so proud of my sister, she would be proud of me too if I won! We went to maccas to celebrate!


I love being a dancer! I can show my personality through movement! Now tell me what your #1 hobby is? Is it blogging? Netball? Basketball? Dance? Baseball? Make sure to tell me in the comments below!

-Internet Girl

Meet my friend A!

Hey guys, it’s Internet Girl again! I am at school, having free time right now aha. I am with someone that I am going to call A (their idea). They will write two sentences now. Hi I’m A and I’m Internet Girl’s friend and we are at the end of the last class for the day and then its the weekend! We’re also listening to music through my phone. Yeah, that was A! It’s me btw (Internet Girl) and I can’t wait for the many more blog posts to come! I don’t have much else to say but, bye! (A says bye too)

-Internet Girl

Life is technically a movie

Do you ever feel like your life is movie and someone out there is watching you on a screen? Like, you are being filmed every second of your life? Everyone around you is acting. ‘Pretending’ to not know your name but they really do. I’m sorry my mind thinks different to most peoples. If you don’t feel like this usually you feel like you are living in a dream.

Well, anyways, you know how I said I was going to post everyday? Well I had things scheduled and stuff for today but it didn’t work. Please let me know if anything else has posted today because I can’t see it. Or if it posts before tomorrow afternoon. Also, click on my account and check out my new ‘advice page’ where I will be giving advice for any situation. And please, if you can give me a shoutout because I only have three followers and I would like you guys to help me increase this. When I get to 100 followers I will do a Q and A!!!

-Internet Girl

Don’t worry, I know how you feel

When I was younger, I was obsessed with ducks, I had a duck blanket, a duck pillow, my first word was duck! I also had a duck party for my first birthday, I loved it, it was so much fun. Then when I got over ducks the Dora the Explorer obsession began, it was crazy! I had a Dora dress, a ‘Dora bed’ and I had the whole collection of Dora DVDs, I was very obsessed. Many other things came but for some reason most of them started with the letter d. And now/ since about 1-2 years ago, I have been obsessed with Dance Moms! Another d. I don’t get it, is this a sign or something. Maybe d is my lucky letter. Maybe I will get married to someone that starts with a d or something.

That wasn’t the point I was trying to say though, even though it is true. What I was trying to say is you get over things eventually. It may be an obsession or a break-up but you’ll get over it. It may take a bit of time but in about 2-3 years, you’ll forget about it completely! Trust me on this. I almost have forgotten about my other school and the problems last year. If you are getting too upset about something, you will get over it, trust me. I have been where you are. If you would like tell me about anything you think you will never get over, I will give you advice.

I’m here if you need me guys

-Internet Girl

Give me some advice please!

Hey guys! It’s me again! Before I get into my mini story I want to tell you about one of my friends. For privacy reasons I can’t tell you her name but I am going to call her blogger, because she also has a blog. I need to get her permission first but maybe I will give you her blog account.

Ok, can I ask you guys something? Do you ever feel like you are friends with someone when it is just you two around but if anyone else is there they ignore you completely? I feel like that all the time and I end up getting ignored by that person. It is bugging me and I want to say ‘are we only friends when no one is around’ but I feel like I am going to get laugh at or teased for it.

Do you guys have any suggestions to help me with this? If you do please tell me in the comments below 🙂

-Internet Girl

Holiday Time!

In a about 4 weeks I am going on a holiday! I am actually so excited! I need to stock my phone up with movies, music and fun games! Please help me with deciding! I would like to check out what you guys are into and you can help me decide!


Yes yes, there will be lots of photos of sunsets and stuff because they have the nicest sunsets where I am going! Oh wait! I almost forgot to tell you where I am going! Mmm… I may let you guys guess but to be fair here are three clues:

  1. In Australia
  2. Not a popular place
  3. The word is K*******


Good luck with guessing and have a lovely few days to come

– Internet Girl