Guess what!

Guys! Exams are finally over and now I get to relax… Besides the winter holidays are in 2 days! (where I live) I am so excited! And in 1 day we have this thing at school on the last day of Semester. It is when we dress up as something of a particular theme! This year it is “from the screen”. That is any tv shows, movies or video games! Me and my friends are going as Pretty Little Liars! I’m going to be Hanna! You know my friend A in my other blog post Meet my friend A, well she is going to be A! I’m so excited, this is going to be so much fun!

Give me some suggestions on how to make my costume better. I’m going for an off the shoulder black t-shirt, denim skirt, boots and a fancy cream jacket. Any thing I need to add or change? See ya guys later!

-Internet Girl


This time of the year :(

hey guys! Sorry I’m not too active because…


I have exams 😦

Exams are the worst! This is my first year of doing them so I don’t know how this is going to go.


I’ve had trouble with my study too, at the end of the night I end up making a list of 40 things I’d rather be doing. I don’t know how to actually memorize things and I am freaking out!

So yes I will not be active for about another two weeks but I promise the day my exams are over I’ll post the most requested thing you guys choose. It can be anything! (e.g. a list of truth or dares/would you rather questions, I may write a story!)

Please give me tips on to how to study well and since scheduled posts aren’t working I can’t schedule anything. PLEASE, can you help me! I would love the support xxx

-Internet Girl


Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Ok, now is the time to talk about the most annoying kids at my school, let’s call them tweedledum and tweedledee. Tweedledum is worse so I am calling him tweedledum coz he is dumb. They both annoy me so much my head is going to explode! They call me names and make fun of me because of the way I look and it is driving me crazy! They went to my Primary school and I have put up with them for years! Tweedledee used to be friends with me until he became too obsessed with ‘dating’. They drive me bissurk! I don’t know if that is a word but anyway… Do you guys know how I can stop them from annoying me before I explode! Give me tips and DO NOT say just ignore them because it is impossible because they purposely sit behind me on the bus! Don’t say that I should move seats either because it is literally impossible to get up on that bus!! HELP ME BEFORE THEY DRIVE ME EVEN MORE INSANE AND MAKE ME EXPLODE. Thank you!

-Internet Girl