I don’t know why but I feel like doing some poetry! Tell me know if you like my poem I made in English class!

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet and so are you

But the roses have withered

The violets are dead

I’m dying on the inside but I smile instead

Everything has become a disaster

The world is blank

Sometimes I feel like I am walking off a plank

The world is shaking

My heart is pounding

It also is breaking


Tell me if you like it and no copyright please! Thankyou ❤

-Internet Girl



Give feedback please!

Hey – it’s me again! Sorry about the lack of posts (or too much) but anyway let’s get into this! Firstly, I want to give a shoutout to my friend and now to reveal her blog name…

Living Life Online! Go check out her blog! Click on the first one that comes up!

Ok now I want to ask you guys something. I had a post scheduled and it didn’t post or I didn’t see it. It was called MY ULTIMATE PLAYLIST!!! Can you tell me if you have seen it? I am obviously new to this so… YEAH!!!

Can you guys give me feedback on my blog? Actually be honest and don’t make up stuff. Tell me what I should do more and what I should do less. And if you see this and read this, please don’t leave it, look at my blog and give me feedback! I am kind of struggling with ideas on what to post so if you guys give me some ideas, I’d love that too!

Thank you guys so much ❤