Sleepover ideas!

Have you ever been at a sleepover when you just have absolutely nothing to do whatsoever! Well, I have been in that situation many times before so I am an expert kind of.

  1. Ice cream sundae competition – see who can make the prettiest most delicious looking ice cream!
  2. Just dance – If you have the game just dance, play it! Have a marathon
  3. Blindfolded makeup- Blindfold yourself and do someones makeup! See who can do the best!
  4. Facemasks- Look up ‘facemask recipes’ some should come up! If you don’t know what a facemask is, it is something that you put on your face that hydrates your skin, and is relaxing!
  5. Netflix – Watch a movie or a new series on Netflix, make sure you pop some popcorn!
  6. Make a fort – This is pretty self-explanatory! Just grab pillows and blankets and make a fort!
  7. Set up a crepe paper maze – Get someone else to do it so you don’t know the way
  8. Just put music on and jump on the bed!

That’s all I can think of but… What do you like to do on your sleepovers? Tell me in the comments below!


Author: xoxointernetgirlxoxo

Hi I am Internet Girl. I recently started a blog that I hope you enjoy reading! It will be posts about the good and bad things that happen in my life! Please subscribe and thanks for reading!

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